Saturday, April 12, 2008

Congressman Earl Blumenauer's Endorsement Letter

From: Kilong Ung
Date: Fri, Apr 11, 2008 at 12:24 PM
Subject: Fwd: Meeting with U.S. Rep. Earl Blumanauer's Chief of Staff
To: CACOmembers, Youths

My CACO family,

I slept exactly one hour last night... and it paid off.

By the end of today, I will have in my hand a letter with Congressman Earl Blumenauer's signature and letterhead to endorse Aki Ra's effort to clear mine and UXO in Cambodia. I could not have achieved this endorsement without your visibility and credibility.

My personal thanks to all of you who work very hard to keep CACO the talk of the town.

From the bottom of my heart, I am dedicating this particular achievement to CACO Founder, Past President and Board Director Choeun Neou. I began this effort with Rotarian Bill Morse and Synergy Consulting President Christine Chin Ryan about the same time that bong Choeun was planning his major surgery to remove a chunk of his infected intestine. Right off the bat, I had this dedication in mind. This dedication is a part of the force that drove me to work hard to achieve this endorsement.

Our community owes a tremendous gratitute to Christine Chin Ryan who was instrumental in convincing Congressman Earl Blumenauer. I had the pleasure of meeting one of Congressman Earl Blumenauer's director Joyce Flemming. I believe our community has gained another compassionate and powerful friend. Last but not least, we owe our gratitude to my fellow Rotarian Bill Morse who is in Cambodia right now helping the Cambodian Self Help Demining and Aki Ra who puts his life to save others by clearing mines and UXO.

Today is our Cambodian New Year's Eve, and I hope (my New Year wish) that this incredibly good news for our community is just a starter of the bigger and better things coming our way. CACO has a lot to protect and a lot to gain. With the most energetic executive team ever, CACO right now is in the position to make the world a better place, one NGO at a time.

Let us keep bong Choeun in our thoughts and prayers...
Let us unite, preserve and empower...
Let us leverage our past to make the world a better place...
Let us be the talk of the town...

Let's party!

Happy New Year!


Kilong Ung
Leverage the past to make the world a better place, one person at a time.